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RV Oil Change Los Angeles

One of the most important maintenance items you can do to keep your RV running at peak performance is keeping up with regularly scheduled oil changes. Oil is the lifeblood of any vehicle, so when it gets old and contaminated your RV’s performance will in turn suffer. This makes regularly scheduled RV oil changes extremely important to extending your RV's lifespan.

Why Are Regularly Scheduled Oil Changes Important?

Oil has numerous responsibilities in your engine including: maintaining engine lubrication, cooling engine components, removing engine wear, particles and sludge, improving gas mileage and protecting the overall longevity of your RV.

Luckily, RV oil changes are one of the most inexpensive maintenance tasks that you can have done on your vehicle. Despite the lower costs, it also has potentially the most profound effect of any maintenance practice on your vehicles lifespan and performance.

The RV oil change service is nearly identical to the process for that of a regular car. The only difference being that typically, because of the sheer size of the RV and it’s motor, the more oil is required for it to run properly and therefore more space is needed to complete the oil change.

How Often Should I Change My RV Oil?

Typically, most RV manufacturers recommend that you change your RV oil every 5000 miles or at least once per year. Of course, this is also contingent on the frequency and distances in which you travel and drive your RV.

At Benchmark RV, we have trained technicians with the know-how to not only properly change your RV’s oil, but also diagnose any other issues associated with it at the time. We can also advise you on the types of RV oil to use based on your particular engine, driving habits and environmental factors.

To schedule an RV oil change near you, please don’t hesitate to contact Benchmark RV and setup an appointment today!

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